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“There is something enchanting about Marie’s work that always draws me in. From the first moment I saw her portfolio I’ve loved following her characters to other worlds tinged with darkness … but always beautiful. Can’t wait to see what she does next”

Pip Jamieson, founder, The Loop

Purchaser Review

“It’s almost like time stands still, and for a moment in time you are taken on a journey through a foreign and mystical land of the unknown...Welcome to the magical and artistic mind of Marie Larkin.

I couldn’t imagine letting go of that feeling, I was instantly fascinated by Marie’s talent, so much so my husband and I decided to purchase several original pieces. Marie’s creations have bought nothing but character and joy to our home.

Marie provides exceptional customer service and goes that extra mile to ensure she provides affordable solutions and rewards to her loyal customers. Marie’s art work and merchandise are unbelievably beautiful and professionally presented. It is very rare in this modern day to find someone who cares about even the tiniest detail from start to finish. ”

— Sariah Powell, Client

Gallerist Review

“The attention to detail is really quite important in each of (Marie’s) works, there is an incredible amount of detail, the grain of the floorboards and the cracks in the walls. These works are so beautifully crafted and technically competent, they are very finely executed….they are extraordinary.”

— Sandra McMahon, Director, Weswal Gallery

Follower Review

“From all the paintings you have done of an actual person and I have seen a photo of that person you definitely know how to capture their features every time. I can see the resemblance straight away. Some members of my family have had professional portraits done and they don’t capture the features or resemblance like you do. You should be so proud of yourself. You are a amazing artist who captures a persons uniqueness, personality and soul in each painting. In the short time I have been admiring your work I have seen your work become more refined and detailed and you are capturing a special essence of yourself in each of your paintings. Keep up the great work and keep smiling, you really do deserve it.”

— Sally Lewis Italiano